Monday, July 22, 2013


Fourteen months.
426 days.
10,226 hours.

Our love.
It's big.
It's complicated.
It's fragile.
Too many details. There are too many details.

Fractions of us.
You, Me.
This love.
It's bigger than us.
Bigger than the sum of our parts.

Some days it seems small.
Some days it can't be seen at all.
Some days it's hard.
Some days it doesn't seem to be.

Our love.
You and Me.

Let's bright it back to where it started.
Forget the hurt, forget the hate.
Collide, let's collide.
You and I.

Our love.

Fights, yelling, endless banter.
End it, end it, that's what we say.
Yet we stick together.
Like glue, like Velcro.

We're scared, we're scarred.
We both are.
Yet here we are.
You and I.

Fourteen months.
426 days.
You, and I.

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