Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quirky, Odd, Weird Me

Bored, bored and wanting to write so... Here's a list of some of the weird things I do, like, don't like or whatever: 

1. I can't stand ketchup. I seriously can't. Even just the smell kills me.
2. I talk to myself, like, a lot. 
3. Sometimes, I conduct interviews of myself with myself. Haha. I don't know, I just like doing that. Sometimes, I write those Q and A's, but sometimes, when I'm alone, I just blurt everything out.
4. I can't stand people who are like...hmm...How do I put this, when they feel that they're already close to you just after a second or so, you know what I mean? And like, they borrow everything you have or whatever, all the time. It's annoying.
5. I can't sleep with the lights on. It's just too hot.
6. I like splashing myself with water more often than not. Again, I get hot easily so...
7. I create lists like this. Tee-Hee.
8. I make collages about anything and everything under the sun. 
9. I sing. Like, a lot.
10. My mind just NEVER stops thinking. Like, I'm doing something and my mind just drifts away to something else. There's only one place that sort of calms me and that's...oops, I won't tell.
11. I tweet a lot.
12. I always, always have to have lots of tabs open when I'm online coz I get bored so easily.
13. I hate it when people shout.
14. I love cats. Kittens. Dogs. Fishes. Any animal except for snakes and rats.
15. I am seriously nostalgic most of the time.
16. I have a few close friends and lots of acquaintances because I'm really choosy with the people I allow close to my heart.
17. I'm cray cray you have no idea.

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