Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Battling Addictions.

Death by an addiction could really be a big eye-opener.

An addiction is an addiction. No, I do not stand by it, but I understand. There are some people who are lucky enough not to delve into those things, who are probably so normal they don't want anything to do with shit like this. But the thing is, there are some of us who have issues that we have to deal with.There are some of us who are always trying to find ways to escape because...because life is not really a bed of roses--especially if it never has been.

I for one have my own demons to battle. Self-harm, prescription drug abuse, depression...I've gone through this and it's not so easy to just say, "Hey, I'm stopping, I'm not doing this anymore." You can't just decide on those things in a snap. You have to go through it everyday, until you get better. You have to surround yourself with people who understand you, who would not judge you, but won't let you go over the edge. You have to have control. And sometimes, it's hard.

Cory's death is an eye-opener. And even if he died the way he did, you have to give respect to the man because he did his best. It's just that sometimes...we give in to our demons and we let those demons have the best of us. But that does not change the fact that he was a good man. And this goes for everyone who have had an addiction--whatever it is.

Everyday, you have to try to be strong. Everyday, you have to learn how to try to be in other people's shoes because you can never judge. You can't even go and give advice when you're not being asked. You have to try your best to not let the addictions go worse.

Try, try, try. Everyday is a new day.
for the rest of your life..

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