Monday, October 26, 2015

DRESSED TO KILL Cover Reveal #HeistClub

5 Friends. One Dead Body. A Summer they’d rather just forget.

5 years ago

Amelie, Christina, Cara, Monique, and Tamara spent one summer at Christina’s family’s ranch 5 years ago. It was a time of rest; a time for peace. It was a time when they just spent days fishing, swimming, and forgetting all the troubles of the city. One last hurrah before college, they said.

But that last hurrah ended when Monique was suddenly found dead on the last day of vacation—and their lives have never been the same since.


Now is their chance to figure out the truth.

But sometimes, truths are far more complicated than they seem.

Will they find out all the answers they need?

Or are they in for something bigger…something deadlier?

Tick Tock. Don’t look back. You might be next.


So…recently I joined a class called #HeistClub, and I wrote a story called Dressed to Kill, which will be out soon! And well, you know, I’m always the excited early bird (lol) so ta-daaaa here’s the cover for the said novella!

dressedtokill cover

What do you think? Check back here for more deets!

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