Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Once Upon a Time Tag


Hi, darlings! Been pretty busy lately + sick + life is life lol. Also have not been reading much but dropping in to answer this Once Upon a Time tag I found on Quibblo.

Day 1: Your favorite male character?

August Booth!

Day 2: Your favorite female character?

A toss between Regina, Belle, and Ruby. All strong female protagonists!

Day 3: Your least favorite male character:

Dr. Whale ugh so annoying. Also David, can be quite stupid at times lol (HELLO WHY DO YOU STILL TRUST KING ARTHUR WHY???) but still love him with Snow.

Day 4: Your least favorite female character:

Definitely Cora. WORST MOTHER EVER. Also, I can relate to Regina so yeah I know how having that kind of person in your life feels. :’(

Day 5: Your favorite villain:

The Evil Queen.  Also, I’m starting to love Zelena.

Day 6: Your favorite scene?

Ugh this is hard, but probably:

  1. When August told Emma to take a leap of faith with him.
  2. “I should have let her die on that horse” –so powerful!
  3. Rumbelle in 1 x 12
  4. Graham’s death because it was just so sad
  5. Every “I’ll always find you” scene

There are so many more!

Day 7: Your favorite ship (s)?

WoodenSwan, Snowing, CaptainSwan, SwanQueen, Rumbelle, OutlawQueen (sorry, I ship a lot lol)  oh and Violet and Henry!!!!

Day 8: Your favorite friendship?

Ruby and Snow. Belle and Killian.

Day 9: Saddest moment?

When Rumple broke their chipped cup :’( Idk but it really affected me. Also, August turning into wood, Graham dying, Emma having to be the Dark One. Everything in Frozen Arc was quite sad, too.

OH AND EMMA CONTROLLING VIOLET’S HEART this is so disheartening (pardon the pun). One shouldn’t mess with first love!

Day 10: Funniest moment?
Every time Henry calls Rumple “Grandpa”. Also, “Merlin’s Voicemail” lmao

Day 11: Your favorite badass scene?

Probably whenever the princesses and SwanQueen kick ass. So, mostly every episode lol

Day 12: Your favorite kiss?

I guess Charming kissing Snow to wake her up was quite powerful, and a classic, too.

Day 13: Do you want the Evil Queen to get her happy ending?

Of course. She’s no longer “evil”, you know, and out of everyone there, she deserves her happy ending because it was stolen from her long ago.

Day 14: Your favorite OMFG moment? (Something you didn’t expect)

Eh, Graham dying. It really broke me for a while. Also Emma and Violet’s heart (although I did theorize about it, it was still OMFG WTF)

Day 15: Which side are you on? Good or evil?

Both. Because this series shows that there are reasons why people turn evil (except for Cruela)

Day 16: Your favorite Once Upon A Time outift?

The Evil Queen’s and Belle’s.

Day 17: Your favorite episode?

Ugh, a lot. The Pilot, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, 7:15 AM, Red Handed, The Stranger, Hat Trick, The Stable Boy, Lacey, Quite a Common Fairy, Kansas, The Snow Queen, Shattered Sight, Poor Unfortunate Soul, Sympathy for the De Vil, Operation Mongoose 1 and 2, Heroes and Villains, The Dark Swan.

Day 18: Your favorite actor?

Robert Carlyle, Eion Bailey, Colin O Donoghue, Sebastian Stan

Day 19: Your favorite actress?

Lana Parilla, Jen Morrisson, Ginnifer Goodwin, Meghan Ory, Emilie De Ravin, Rebecca Mader, JoAnna Garcia

Day 20: Your favorite quote?

“When you love someone and they love you, they will always find you.” (Cliché but this makes OUAT “OUAT”)

Also “Why can’t you just let me be myself?”

Day 21: Your favorite backstory?

Ruby/Red’s, Rumple and Belle’s, Grumpy/Dreamy, August, Neal, REGINA

Day 22: Something you want to know that hasn’t been revealed yet?

Where the hell is August again???? Also, will Rumple and Belle be having a baby since Emilie is preggers?

Day 23: Any prop you could take from the set?

The chipped cup. Also Belle’s Rose.

Day 24: If you could be anyone from Storybrooke or the Enchanted Forest, who would it be?


Day 25: Your favorite character entrance?

What? Uhm, you mean when we first met them? Maybe, Regina, because she glided lol

Day 26: A character you would like to see more of?

AUGUST. Jefferson. Belle (I always like Belle-centric episodes). More of Snow again. Ariel!

Day 27: Favorite location/set?


Day 28: Storybrooke or the Enchanted Forest?

Enchanted Forest.

Day 29: Your favorite fairytale?

Irl Cinderella. On the show…The Evil Queen’s story, and Beauty and the Beast.

Day 30: What got you interested in Once Upon A Time?

I really cannot remember why I downloaded the first ep 4 years ago (but thank Merlin I did!), but probably just the fact that I like fairytales so much, and the plot had me hooked. J

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