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Get to know #IncredibleTruths + Launch on the 24th

After a month or so of classes, my classmates and I were able to produce 10 amazing stories set in 10 incredible worlds, making up the #StrangeLit #IncredibleTruths bundle! This is available on BUQO for just $1.99 or P90–for a limited time only! Regular price is P250 so grab it while it’s fresh–and super affordable!

Learn more about the bundle below!


Beware the tale that distracts you with the telling — it’s planting a truth in your mind, and you may find yourself believing in the incredible too. 
Bloodline Maharlika_Cover
Bloodline Maharlika (Anne Plaza)
There’s nothing ordinary about Owenn Magpantay the moment awareness seeped through her consciousness. A demi-goddess born from the line of maharlika and Bathala himself, Owenn is the hope for peace between mortal and the divine. But when the god Apolaki decried Bathala’s love for humans, Owenn became his ultimate target. Together with her half-sister, the bathaluman Mayari, they travel to present day Manila where Owenn must eventually face the evil of Apolaki with the help of Companions descended from the warrior nobility.
Shake-Ups (Elea Andrea Almazora)
Rosie Rivas is, for the most part, unshakeable–as long as she and her father are left alone. But between freak earthquakes, unexpected guests, and even more unexpected family secrets, she finds herself facing a choice:

Will she hold steady, or will she be brave enough to shake things up?

As The Night Ends Cover
As the Night Ends (Alveel Kaith C.)
C is the one you go to when your life needs saving.
Need to pass an entrance exam? No sweat.
Girlfriend’s birthday approaching and you don’t have a gift? She’ll have it before the day ends.
Sex tape needs to be deleted in boyfriend’s computer? Can you give her something more challenging than that?
C cleans up your mess, and that’s practically all you need to know.
The job was supposed to be simple. Pretend to be a high school classmate’s girlfriend for the weekend, look pretty, and answer all questions appropriately. But then she finds herself awakened in the middle of the night and brought to a clearing where said classmate started spouting words like monsters, redemption, war, and savior.
31st (Cindy dela Cruz)
Beneath the glamour, underground creatures lurked.
Stormy Hollow Cover

Stormy Hollow, Georgia.

A land filled with willow trees, trellises, and flowers of every kind. Beautiful. Enchanting.
But never what you imagine it to be.
For in Stormy Hallow, witches lives. Witches, who are the descendants of the survivors of the Salem Trial who decided to build their own community and call it Stormy Hollow. They kept it protected from the outside world, but not to their own breed.

The Divine Necklace

Centuries ago, a war ensued over the original batch of witches that prompted them to be divided into two: the coven, and the alliance.
The alliance had the Divine Necklace to protect them—the necklace that’s considered as the most powerful thing in the wizarding world.


Sixteen years ago, members of the coven, and the alliance, had an argument that led to the worst fight they had in years, killing members of the coven, including the Hazels—leaders of the coven, and prompting the survivors to cast a spell on members of the alliance, saying that they’ll never be allowed in Stormy Hollow again.
But Hera Miller, leader of the alliance, cast a curse, saying that by the time the last witches turn sixteen, a new war would ensue. She also took half of the divine necklace with her, without the coven’s knowledge.


Alexandra and Achelois Hazel have finally turned sixteen.
But little did they know that their celebration wouldn’t really be a celebration, but a sign of things to come.
For their birthday marks the new wizarding war.
And nothing is going to stop the alliance now.

A Sky of Wishes - Kristel Ann Cruz

A Sky of Wishes (Kristel Ann Cruz)

A world governed by logic and rules does not have time for childhood fantasies like wishing stars, or so we thought. After Stella gets diagnosed with a terminal illness, Aries turned to the sky and pleaded for his mother to be healed. Imagine his surprise when a Star manifests itself to him, willing to give him anything he wishes for. There is only one rule: Everything comes with a price. With his mother’s life on the line, how far could he go? In a battle between fates and wishes, what would Aries be willing to give up?


The Secret Society (SJM Fuertes)

Eighteen-year old, Maxine Drew is in search for the real reason why her dad died 8 years ago. As she begins her journey, she bumps into Seth, a guy from the Modern World who eventually takes her to LocHelm Academy, where everyone has a unique ability to help save the people of the Cosmos from the gruelling hands of the Government. Will she be able to discover herself and survive the future?

Talulikas Chronicles

Talulikas Chronicles (Clark Feliciano)

For buddies Allan and Isagani, this semester would be just the same as the last. Notes to take, exams to pass and projects to be submitted. Plus of course there was Lillian, who behaved like a diva almost every morning making them rush to class and beat the bell. When Marissa, Lilian’s childhood friend arrives and decides to enroll at the same school, things take an unexpected turn. A warrior, a damsel in distress and an overwhelmed companion. What else could possibly go wrong?


Nexus Book 1: Anathema (Ysa Arcangel)

When the world was young, supernatural creatures walked among mankind freely. Chaos reigned as the supernatural beings sought supremacy. The human race was nearly wiped out of the face of the earth. Dark creatures preyed on the weaker. Demons inhabited human bodies and angels fell in love with them, hence Nexi, the cursed, were born.
Anathema has always seen strange things but never knew exactly why. Despite the pain, misery, agony and suffering it brings her, she has learned to accept her unique ability. As she strives to find out the reason for being able to travel through different realms and being a magnet to spirits of the dead, she realizes how little she knows about the truth of her existence.
When she is thrust in the middle of a war, a war that had been going on since the beginning of creation, she is joined by her longtime friend Alex, and a dark, mysterious stranger named Calix, who seemed to know more about her than she does herself.
Now Anathema must make a choice — one that will save one world and destroy the other. Will she turn her back to the light she had always known and embrace the darkness within her?

Viva Voce

Viva Voce (DJ Paguraya)

An immortal man and a quest to protect history from those who dare seek to rewrite it. But when an important information proved that a mythical society is real, the threat to history is more than one man can handle.

You’ll get all 10 of those stories for just $1.99/P90!  
 Launch is on October 24th at Recession Coffee, 3rd Floor, Eastwood Mall! Apart from #IncredibleTruths, you’d also get to check out 3 other #StrangeLit bundles, too, but you can start buying and reading your copies now! Giveaways await at the launch event, so see you there!

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