Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Gossip Girl Tag


So…I’ve been looking for a good Gossip Girl Tag and found this one from Blue Sky DazeI love this show so much because it’s so unrealistic–which makes it a good escape! And yeah well, I just wanted to answer some Gossip Girl-related questions so, here you go…

How did you discover the show?

I’ve been reading the Gossip Girl series early in college (around 2006) and then the next year, Gossip Girl was on. Didn’t watch it right away since I was still reeling from The OC, but I would catch episodes on TV from time to time. I’ve also collected magazines with the show in them. Then, one summer, I had nothing better to and I binge-watched Seasons 1 to 4—and yeah, well, I became obsessed with the show lol

Who’s your favourite character?

Serena Van der Woodsen. She’s such a complicated character and I like complicated, self-destructive characters. I like Blair’s bitchiness, though.

Oh, and also Gossip Girl (let’s just forget that she’s Dan, thank you very much)

Who would you see yourself being friends with on the show?

I’m Serena soooo Blair lol. And I’d like to be friends with Chuck! I loved how Serena was friends with him.

Chair or Dair?

CHAIR. I have to admit, DAIR had a lot of chemistry, but CHAIR’s meant to be! “This would not be my world without you in it.” *sobs*

What’s your favourite ship that would never actually happen?

Everything almost happened in the show lol but I hate that Rufus and Lily didn’t end up together. Tbh, I would have accepted it more if Dan and Serena didn’t end up together but Rufus and Lily did. Sucks.

If you were to be a character, who would you be?

Serena!!! I already use her name as my Facebook surname lmao. But, it would be fun to be Blair, too.

Have you read the book series?

YES. All 14. The 12 original ones, the prequel (It had to be You), and Gossip Girl: Psycho Killer, as well.

Who was your crush on the show?

You’d laugh at me but I always liked Dan lmao. And also Chuck! Because he’s Chuck Bass, duh.

What was your first initial thought of the show?

I thought it was crazy lol but I liked it. It’s a good escape.

Who was your favourite villain?

Georgina, definitely. and uhm, Gossip Girl?

That was fun! Any Gossip Girl fans out here, too? :)

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