Saturday, October 24, 2015

This is a Story about a Cat Named Miley….


This is a story about a cat named Miley

who came to us last February

She was always bright and cheery

She liked her milk like anybody

She was crazy, she was cuddly

She was mischievous, and quite deadly

We thought we’d be with her forever

but the world had other plans

One morning we woke up

Just a few days ago, a day I’d rather forget

And he was unresponsive, unlike the usual Miley

We cried, we cried, I felt like I was gonna die

She fell down, forgot how to cat

Why would she forget how to cat

Still can’t accept it

Probably won’t for a while

I’m still living

but Inside I’m dying

We had to let her go

I still have to let go

We’ll miss you, Miley

We’ll miss you so

Just thought of writing something about Miley. Still processing my feelings. It’s the best I could do. 

P.S. I haven’t been drawing a lot lately so uhm, Miley, I hope you still appreciate this. Look at your eyes! :D

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