Monday, December 16, 2013

Welcome to Envy Park--Book Review and Playlist

Title: Welcome to Envy Park
Author: Mina V. Esguerra

Moira Vasquez is a doer. A planner. A get-up-and-goer. At twenty-two, she left her hometown to work in Singapore, to satisfy a need to travel as well as give her savings account a boost. Five years later and she's back in Manila, with a shiny new apartment to her name, but no job, no career, no boyfriend. She meets Ethan Lorenzo, the quiet hunk of an IT consultant on the ninth floor of her condo building, and he's a welcome distraction during this period of having absolutely nothing going on in her life.

But she has a plan - of course she does - and this is just a short layover on the way to the next country, the next job, the next big thing. Or will she be missing out on something great that's already there?

Well, I finally got the paperback copy of this book during last Saturday's BLTX event and it was totally worth it. This book is what chick-lit must be like.

Moira is the embodiment of just about every twenty-something out there who is in an existential funk aka who is trying to figure herself out.

What I really enjoyed about this book is that it is a fast read. It's super easy to devour plus it'll make you feel so much for Moira--you'll cheer for her, you'll root for her, say Duh, go "I know how that feels", and swoon for her, as well. 

Envy Park is also very fresh, and so much fun. What makes it so good is the fact that there's so much reality to it; Even if you don't live in NV Park-like places, you'd know that the problems Moira is facing are true. And the whole status thing is also easy to relate to. As Glee's Emma Pillsbury once said: "Status is like currency." It's very much a reflection of how obsessed the world is with titles, popularity and the like.

Of course, love has to come into play in Moira's life. Of course. But you know what's great about this book is that it's not sappy--not that there's anything wrong with sappy, but you know, sometimes, it's good to just read something that's light and would take away your stress. I really like the way the romance developed in this story, and how you'd get to think about the realities that the characters are facing. I also like the fact that the stories of different characters, and not just Moira, have been tackled as well. I like stories that interlace everything because, you know, it's really such a small world and everyone around you has their own stories.

And oh my god, the ending. I think that was as cute as cute can be. What I also appreciate is the fact that the author uses different styles when it comes to her stories. There's always something to look forward to, which I think is great, especially in this crazy, zero-attention span world. 

Welcome to Envy Park is one of the best chick-lit books I've read in a while. It's fresh, it's crazy good, and it's hard to put down. Oh, and I gave it a 5-star rating on Goodreads, too (which I rarely do, mind you) because it's awesome.

And, well, I did create this playlist :>
1. Lorde-Royals
2. Avril Lavigne -Here's to never growing up
3. Britney Spears - Work Bitch
4. Foxes - Youth
5. Hayley Taylor - Plans
6. Rihanna ft Micky Elko - Stay
7. Demi Lovato - Neon Lights
8. Avicii - Wake my up
9. Sheryl Crow - Everyday is a Winding Road
10. Ellie Goulding and Calvin Harris - I need your love
11. Lindsay Lohan - Rumors
12. Pink - Try
13. All American Rejects - Kids in the street
14. Tamia - Smile
15. J.Cole - I'm Coming Home
16. Katy Perry - Unconditionally
17. One Republic - Counting Stars

18. Lady Antebellum - Just a Kiss

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