Tuesday, December 17, 2013

In over her head -- Author Interview + Giveaway

Hello you guys! So, I got to ask Anne Plaza, the author of "In Over Her Head" some questions and well, here are her answers:

`.        Q: Quezon Memorial Circle is a big part of your story. Do you have any fond memories from the place yourself? Did that inspire you to use it as one of the settings of the story?

A: While I don't have romantic memories about the place, Quezon Memorial Circle is a special place to me. I've been living in Quezon City for over 10 years, but I was only able to visit the place sometime in 2002-2003 when my friend (the book's cover artist) and I went there to hang out and take pictures. My friend taught me to make use of my point-and-shoot camera in creative shots—that was my first foray into photography. Although I'm not a professional, I've self-studied, attended basic photography classes, and got involved in a lot of cosplay pictorials with friends. In more ways than one, QmC opened up a new hobby for me and made me appreciate my surroundings through photography.
As for inspiration, I really loved the place back when I first visited. It was less commercial ten years ago, and I wanted to preserve that memory by using it as the setting to start off the story. I thought it would be great to end it in the same place where it all began for my characters.

Q:   What’s your personal opinion on non-couples who are pretending to be a couple?

A: There has to be a reason why they would pretend to be a couple, but regardless of what that is, in the end, both of them should be accountable when they decide to give up the pretense. What's important is they get to straighten things out and be honest with themselves and the people surrounding them.

Q:    The best thing you’ve learned while writing this book is______?

A: ...my story wasn't so bad after all the revisions and editing. It felt really great to see it in its final form and share it to the world. :)

Q:   Do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic?

A: Yes, I do! Blame it on the Disney movies I watched as a kid and all the Sweet Dreams books I read when I was a teenager. Reading these kinds of books eventually prepped me to venture into writing modern-day romances. Even up to now, I still read historical, contemporary, and young adult romance stories for my usual kilig dose. I also like stories that have romance subplots.

Q:   A message to your readers.

A: Thank you so much for reading my book and for supporting my first foray into novel writing. I am deeply grateful that you took a chance on reading a new author and I hope you enjoyed the story. It has been such a rewarding experience to see the outpouring support both from friends and people who've read my book for the first time. I'd love to know what you think about it, so drop me a line when you can. J I'm also working on my next book and a YA anthology, so I hope you can read it when it's already available.

Awesome, right? Don't forget to check out Anne Plaza's "In Over Her Head" and thank you! :)

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