Sunday, December 1, 2013

Goodbye Pumpkin

To say that I started this morning with a heavy heart would be an understatement. Our dog, Pumpkin, who just turned 6 last October 27, died.

The sad part is I wasn't even there. And it pains me.

I also think that maybe, it's better that way since I may just breakdown and I may not be able to handle it if I saw her during her last few moments, but somehow, I also wish that I was there because those were HER LAST MOMENTS on earth.

I didn't think this day would come that fast. I know, six years is a long time, but still...

To Pumpkin, here's what I have to say:

I'm sorry I wasn't there.
Sorry I was only able to see you for quite a few times this year.
I love you and you know that I always tell you to be a good girl, but I know I didn't really have to because you are a good girl.
Thank you for everything. I will never forget all those times when we'd take a nap together, or play with your stuffed toys together. 
I'll never forget how you'd lick my face and make me feel loved, especially this year when I left and when I'd come visit.
Most of all, I will never forget you. Period.
You taught me so much about how to forget about my fear of dogs. You taught me so much about love. And you taught me so much about life.
You lived a good life, Kinny. Please don't forget us.
We love you!

"A dog don't care if you're rich or poor. Give him your heart and he'll give you his." --Marley and Me

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