Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Answers to Mina's awesome giveaway!

Bec I love books and hello, giveaways :D

Mina asks: Who's your favorite guy: Zack, Lucas, Dante, Manolo, Anton, Quin, Diego, Robbie, Gabriel, Ethan, Oliver? And why?

I answer: Lucas is my number 1 because he's just..every kinds of awesome. One, he doesn't care about what people think. Two, he's unconventional, and that, for me, makes him such a dreamboat. Three, bec rockstar :DD. Four, if you get stuck with someone like him during a typhoon, you'd definitely have no reasons to complain. And lastly, he brought out the best in Ellie and he loved her really, and truly <3

Mina asks: Did any of the female main characters in my books (Jasmine, Ellie, Carla, Kimmy, Julie, Hannah, Jane, Moira, Haley) remind you of yourself, or a friend? Why? Spill!

I answer: I feel like a combination of Ellie and Kimmy, yep. Ellie, bec I once went through what she went through--from being free Ellie, I became sort of a restless Ellie. And Kimmy, coz I can be such a bitch sometimes. No, I haven't cheated on anyone, but I do have that sort of "bad girl" attitude sometimes and the people who really KNOW me KNOW that, but they're still here and they know that deep down, I'm full of heart. Plus, I also went through that stage where in I seriously just let go of ALMOST everybody, especially those who were being toxic for my life, in my opinion, and you know what? It's fine, because who needs the drama when you can live life in a much more peaceful manner? And yeah, I do not talk to people whom I do not wanna talk to and am not one to be easily swayed. :)

There, there. Link to the contest is HERE 

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