Monday, December 30, 2013

Goodbye 2-0-1-3

This year was great, crazy, and all kinds of things. It was thought-provoking; it was a big change; it was a big leap from who I once was into the person I am right now.

2013 was all sorts of crazy. 2013 was defining. I've changed, and there's no turning back, but it does not prevent me from looking back. I've been hurt, I've hurt people in the process, too. I've left, I've moved, but somehow, the roots are still there. I've finally found a job that I like. I've finally found my niche. I've done a lot of writing--although the stories and the fics would have to wait for a while. I've found new friends, and I've also lost a lot. I've also regained friendships that I thought were lost. I've been through hell and back.

2013 was a year that I'll never forget. Although I have no idea where the first couple of months went, and what I was doing back then (Okay, I do, but let's leave it at that). There were days that were full of tears, and days that were full of smiles. There were days when I did nothing, and days when I did everything. Days that were too full, and days that were too empty. Days I won't forget, and days I'd rather forget.

This year was a milestone. This year was complicated. This year molded and shaped me. This year was all about compartmentalizing; This year was all about putting the feelings into place, keeping them in check. This year, I learned a lot about myself...and I learned that not everything you'll learn will be good.

So, goodbye 2013. Here's to the memories. So long.

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