Tuesday, December 31, 2013

13 songs for 2013

Because I can't seem to gather my thoughts into place and I know I have to post a little tribute to the songs that made my year :)

1. Katy Perry - By the Grace of God
Was 27 surviving my return to Saturn /A long vacation didn't sound so bad
Was full of secrets locked up tight like iron melting/ Running on empty, so out of gas
Thought I wasn't enough and I wasn't so tough /Laying on the bathroom floor
We were living on a fault line And I felt the fault was all mine
Couldn't take it any more
By the grace of God (there was no other way) /I picked myself back up (I knew I had to stay)
I put one foot in front of the other and I Looked in the mirror and decided to stay
Wasn't gonna let love take me out
That way

(All the feels because I finally found my way back to God this year, in terms of being faithful, but not with the whole organized religion thing...this song is too beautiful)

2. Lorde - Royals

Gold teeth Grey Goose/ Tripping in the bathroom
Bloodstains Ball gowns /Trashing the hotel room
We don't care, we're driving Cadillacs in our dreams
And we'll never be royals (royals)
It don't run in our blood /That kind of lux just ain't for us, we crave a different kind of buzz
Let me be your ruler (ruler) /You can call me queen bee
And baby I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule
Let me live that fantasy
(I love Lorde. Ever since I came across her songs on You Me and Charlie like, a year back, she has already amazed me. Really happy for all the success she has now. and this song is AMAZEBALLS)

3. Demi Lovato/Idina Menzel - Let it Go (I like both versions so...)

A kingdom of isolation and it looks like I'm the queen.
The wind is howling like the swirling storm inside.
Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried.

Don't let them in, don't let them see,
Be the good girl you always had to be.
Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know.
Well now they know.

(I couldn't count the number of times this song almost drove me to tears)

4. Britney Spears - Work Bitch
You wanna hot body
You wanna Bugatti
You wanna Maserati
You better work bitch
You wanna Lamborghini
Sip Martinis
Look hot in a bikini
You better work bitch
You wanna live fancy
Live in a big mansion
Party in France

You better work bitch 
(This song is such a peg coz you know...you bettah work, bitch, whatever way you can. And Queen B inspires me coz she was able to turn her life around and she's awesome :))

5. David Guetta - Play Hard
Work hard, play hard
Work hard, play hard.
We work hard, play hard
Keep partyin' like it's your job

(No, I don't really party, but I do Play hard. Work hard, Play Hard!)

6. Christina Aguilera - We Remain
Yes I'm a sinner
Yes I'm a saint
Whatever happens here
Whatever happens here
We remain

(Why do I like songs with sinner and saint on 'em? haha. I dunno.)

7. Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop

Remember only God can judge ya
Forget the haters 'cause somebody loves ya

(This year was very Miley, and you can't deny that)

8. A Great Big World ft Christina Aguilera - Say Something

Say something, I'm giving up on you.
I'll be the one, if you want me to.
Anywhere, I would've followed you.
Say something, I'm giving up on you.

And I am feeling so small.
It was over my head
I know nothing at all.

And I will stumble and fall.
I'm still learning to love
Just starting to crawl.

(It's so heartbreakingly beautiful)

9. Mary Lambert - She Keeps me Warm

And I can’t change, even if I tried
Even if I wanted to
And I can’t change, even if I tried
Even if I wanted to

What’s your middle name?
Do you hate your job?
Do you fall in love too easily?
What’s your favorite word?
You like kissing girls?
Can I call you baby?
Yeah, yeah

(This song relaxes me. Mary Lambert's voice is sooo refreshing)

10. Avicii - Wake Me Up
They tell me I'm too young to understand
They say I'm caught up in a dream
Well life will pass me by if I don't open up my eyes
Well that's fine by me

So wake me up when it's all over
When I'm wiser and I'm older
All this time I was finding myself
And I didn't know I was lost

11. Lana del Rey - Young and Beautiful

Will you still love me
When I got nothing but my aching soul?
I know you will, I know you will
I know that you will
Will you still love me when I'm no longer beautiful?

12. Chvrches - The Mother We Share

I'm in misery where you can seem as old as your omens
And the mother we share will never keep your proud head from falling
The way is long but you can make it easy on me
And the mother we share will never keep our cold hearts from calling

In the dead of night, I'm the only one here
And I will cover you, until you go-o-oh
And if I told the truth, I will always be free
And keep a prize with me, until you go-o-oh

(Total Eargasm. Earworm. Whatever you call it . It's hauntingly beautiful.)

13. Demi Lovato - Warrior 

All the pain and the truth
I wear like a battle wound
So ashamed, so confused
I was broken and bruised

Now I'm a warrior
Now I've got thicker skin
I'm a warrior
I'm stronger than I've ever been
And my armor, is made of steel, you can't get in
I'm a warrior
And you can never hurt me again

It surely was a year of great music. Looking forward for more great ones in 2014! 

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