Friday, October 4, 2013

Cass and Jin Eats: Merienda--Marikina Style

Just a mini-update. After some walking and a little kikay shopping yesterday, we walked around San Roque, Marikina (which I tell you is a fun, relaxing thing to do) and decided to drop by Macky's Goto--one of the oldest and most popular restaurants in Marikina and decided to have some Halo-Halo to beat the heat.
Halo-Halo from Macky's Goto (P30)

The Halo-Halo is pretty much a minimalist Halo-Halo that consists of a lot of beans--mongo, chick peas or Garbanzos, and some White Beans (not too sure what they're called). Plus, some strips of Buco. The milk is good and sweet--yep, it's sugary, but it's not overpowering. The Leche Flan is not too sweet, though. And then of course there's the Halayang Ube. There's supposed to be some Bananas here but they ran out of stock that afternoon. Over-all, it's not as tasty as other halo-halos but if you're the type who likes minimalist Halo-Halos then you should try this one. It also comes in this tall glass so you know you're getting a lot--and the ice is well-crushed so you wouldn't have any problems with them disrupting your halo-halo moment. 

Aside from that, we bought one of those Putong Pulo packs from one of the stores near Our Lady of the Abandoned Church.

This only costs P50.

I think you'll enjoy the fact that the Puto is not your usual Puto that's too gelatinous and ricey. (Ricey? Lol) Plus, the cheese is really, really, really good. Did I say really good? Yes. You can visit those stores near Our Lady of the Abandoned Church and Earth Japan Surplus in JP Rizal Street, Marikina. You won't regret it, I promise. 

So yeah, toodles! :)

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