Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Holdout by Laurel Osterkamp -- Book Review + Dream Cast and GIVEAWAY

Hello and Welcome to Laurel Osterkamp's "The Holdout" book tour's stop on my blog. I enjoyed this book immensely and I know, you will, too.

Title: The Holdout

Author: Laurel Osterkamp

Robin wanted to win The Holdout, a cutthroat reality TV show, so she gave it her all, challenge after challenge. Then she fell for Grant, with his irresistible eyes and heartbreaking life story.

But Grant was only using Robin as they competed for a million dollars. Once home, Robin wants to hide from the humiliation as episodes of The Holdout are aired, and she worries her family was right all along; she’s not a survivor.

Yet she could surprise everyone, and have the last laugh.

Besides, Robin now has jury duty. And as she forges ahead, confronting her demons about bravery, justice, and romance, Robin will come to decide which is more important: the courage to stand alone, or the strength to love again. 

I think (and i'm not just saying this because I have to review this book) that this is one of the best books I've read this year. It's entertaining, it's hard to put down and the story is timely, catchy and amazing. Plus, the fact that the Philippines is one of the settings of this book made it all the more awesome. See? It really is more fun in the Philippines. :)

So, this is the story of Robin Bricker who took the chance of a lifetime by joining "The Holdout", a reality TV show pretty much based on Survivor. While there, she has to learn how to play the game. But unfortunately, the game of love comes into play with the help (or not) of the castaway Grant who seemed to be so charming. But charming could also mean deceitful and that's what Robin found herself face to face with. And then of course, there's also her life outside, and after the show and the possibility of rebuilding her life...and love life, as well.

I like the fact that The Holdout delved into the scheming world of reality TV and how it showed Robin as a person with heart, integrity and naivete because it made her real and easy to relate to. Another thing I like about this book is that the characters are so well done. You'll love some, you'll hate some, and it's like you'd feel that you're a part of the story, as well. Maybe as a spectator, yes? 

If you like books that are engaging, easy to read and well-written, then you must must must read The Holdout. It's fresh, it's fun and it's one hell of a ride that you won't soon forget.

Nina Dobrev as Robin Bricker
Matt Bomer as Grant
Hayden Panatierre as Klemi
Darren Criss as Henry
Seth Rogen as Jack
Beveryly Mitchell as Beth

Adam Brody as Nick/Ten


Laurel Osterkamp’s award winning novels have been hailed as funny, intelligent, snarky and poignant. She is the author of four novels and two novellas, including the November Surprise series, which, like The Holdout, features the Bricker family. Laurel was recently on a federal jury, and she loves watching Survivor.
Tweet her at: http://twitter.com/LaurelOsterkamp

visit her website: http://laurelosterkamp.com


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