Friday, October 25, 2013

Twixt by Diane J. Reed (Review)

Let's go to the Twixt place--where sea and sky meet land. 

I don't know how Diane Reed found me, but thank the faeries, she did.

Twixt by Diane J. Reed
As a lover of anything that has something to do with faeries, fairy tales and the like, this was a book that really captured my attention. What I really liked about it is the fact that the story sucks you deep into it. You'd feel like you're a part of the story because of the genuine imagery and the great characterization. For me, a book can be considered good if it has great characterization and if the imagery is so there that you really will feel like you're part of it. 

I like books that makes me imagine. The author was really able to describe the characters and the setting and so it made it feel alive. Also, reading this book reminded me of one of my favorite TV shows: Once Upon A Time!  Also, I like the whole Irish magic thing. Just like Cecelia Ahern's "If you could see me now", this book is full of everything magical and faeriesh that it will just make you smile. 

Reading this book also made me want to try some Pansy-Walnut fritters, wish with all my heart, look for faeries and visit the Rainbow's End Cafe. In this day and age where everything is so fast-paced and modern, sometimes, we need books that will remind us of the child inside of us--the child we should always get back to; it will remind you of innocence; of good things. It's a great book to escape to and definitely one great read that you should try.

One concern I have with this book though is that the cover is not that flattering. But anyway, you guys know not to judge a book by it's cover so go ahead and try this. You won't regret it.

All together now: "I do believe in faeries! I do, I do!"

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