Thursday, September 12, 2013


  Two weeks gone and this month already has so much promise. I've never been a fan of September. I don't know, there's just something about the month that spells...sad. But this year, it's like, September opened up so many possibilities--both good and bad.
I've been writing a lot of articles this month and to be honest, I feel like it's the first month this year where I felt like...I'm finally trying to rebuild my life again after the mess that last year was. It feels good, you know? To feel like I'm able to do something again. To feel like I'm being productive again and that I feel better about myself again. 
Also, I've started doing book reviews for some book tours and it feels great. More lined up soon.
But of course there are some sad moments about September, too. Like, the fact that we lost three kittens this month. I've never lost such a number of pets in a month, more so in a week. To be honest, I still haven't moved on from that. Some nights, I still feel like crying because those pets have been my life for the past couple of months and then just like that, they died. It's never easy to deal with. Sometimes, I catch myself still waiting for them to come back. Hoping and praying that they'd come back. When you love someone, even if they're just pets, it's never easy to let them go. 
Maybe one day I'd forget, but right now, I still can't.

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