Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Saturday spent with books and food (and some shopping and strolling, yes)

So. Yesterday we went to the Manila International Book Fair and it was such a  blast. I swear I wanted to just live in there! I think bookworms would agree with me that there's just this certain high that you feel whenever you're in a place full of books. Like, you just want to get your hands on every book in there. 

At the entrance. 
I think this was the first photo we took yesterday. When I saw the Harry Potter poster, I just couldn't help but want to have our photo taken there. Certified Potterhead here, in case you still didn't know..

With my Summit Loot! I really died with the super sale there yesterday! Thanks pa to the sales man who let em go even without paying another peso. haha. I don't have coins anymore so there. Good people exist! lol 

loving this book. I can relate to Kimmy :D

Of course, I had to do the videoke. :D

My god. I wanted to cry right at this photo coz I was so scared that the wind would drag me down to the bay! haha. #Nonperksofbeingtoothin

Ah the famous MOA Eye. And trees that suffered the wrath of the heavy winds...

Merienda mode! Takuyaki style :D

Got this big big bear for a measly 200 Pesos. Thanks, Toy Kingdom :D

I finally found a back issue of Marian's Cosmo Cover last March. What can I say? I like her.

And got to pick this up from the OMF lit booth. Won this as a prize some days ago.

So there. My MIBF 2013 experience. It was worth the wait!