Monday, September 30, 2013

It's the first of October and...

And it already proves to be a busy, busy day! But it's okay. I like busy. Sometimes, I like this kind of busy because this kind of busy makes me feel productive and creative at the same time and not a lot of people can say that, so I'm thankful for times like this.

So, this morning I tracked by tracked Miley Cyrus's BANGERZ and boy oh boy did it turn out to be good. I actually feel her pain in some of the songs. Favorite track would have to be "F.U." simply because well...the lyrics are so to the point.

"I've got two letters for you: One of them's F, one of them's U." 

And then there's Britney's Work Bitch MV...but that's coming tomorrow. So excited!

(yeah yeah this is basically a fangirling post)

Anyway, I also worked on some reviews today for some upcoming book tours in this blog (see list here) and then I also have some beta-reading to do, plus some articles to write...Finished one this morning, so, good for me.

And because it's October, my birthday is comin up soon! 17 days! 17 days and I'll be (eek) older. I wrote something about that, will probably post later...or soon, whatever.

(And I am so craving for Ice Cream right now. And burgers. yes, burgers.)

And speaking of by birthday, I really want to re-create Katy's Billboard Photo Shoot for that day. She just looks so lovely (not that I wish I could just suddenly grow her face, but you know) and I love flowers and butterflies and yeah well...

Just look at these:

That's why I want to go to that park...and eat, eat, eat.

Yeah, I'm in the mood to pig-out. Real bad. 

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