Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cass and Jin Eats: Fish, Fries and then some.

Hello you guys. So. My guy and I kind of have this new project or adventure or whatever you call it. Well, we basically love to eat. And he loves to cook--not only to save his life, but he really can. And I can't (haha), well, except for some desserts or salads maybe but otherwise, ugh.

Anyway, we bought Spot.Ph's "The best of Everything Food Lists" book and decided that maybe we should try whatever's in there. It's a good way to bond and of course, a good way to keep our stomachs filled. hihi. While we already tried some of the stuff there, we didn't take pictures before (sayang) so, we'll just do it again whenever we can. And we started it yesterday!

Based on Spot's "BEST DAING NA BANGUS IN MANILA", and because we saw a Jolibee branch near the area, and because I was craving for Fries, we decided to go on and eat.

Bangus with Garlic Sauce (P89.00 with drinks), the large fries are P59.00 :))

Jolibee's Bangus ranks number 4 on the list. What can I say? It's been too long since I ate this again and I have to say that the sauce is pretty good. Tangy and a bit salty, which isn't my taste, but it has this good kick which makes it good. The fish is well-cooked, and I rarely eat fish skin so I didn't(haha), but otherwise the meat was well done and good to eat even without the rice. (I'm just not a big fan of rice). The tomato is bitin, though. There should've been more tomatoes...

Anyway, speaking of my guy's cooking, he cooked up some Chicken burgers last night.

Chicken Burger with  Basil and Gravy

I like how Basil always enhances everything <3 Nice, soft meat though.

Oh, and then there's this:

Goya Quadros. I was in Pinoy food mode yesterday! Well, when I saw this, I was like, ugh, that won't probably taste good. Or at least, not as good as it did. Because you know what? It did taste good. Dark chocolatey good. Plus, it won't burn a hole in your pocket. For only P8.50, this dessert is a steal! 

So yeah, that's all for now. We'll see where our stomachs lead us to soon.:)


  1. i love the daing!!!! I think I should try that...

    1. you must! medyo maalat sya pero it's good. jolibee's good. haha