Sunday, January 18, 2015

This Week's Realizations

1. When you're in your (ew) late 20's, there may be times when you'd feel like...Shit, I am getting old and I am still THIS person. Sometimes, those thoughts hit you and will make you feel every bit as real as you should feel. And you know how that feels? It sometimes feels...awful. Because well, reality does bite after all. It's like, you begin to dissect each and every single thing you've done in your life and wonder how on earth you got to where you are.You know how in OTH they were like, "Yesterday is today and someday is today" and all that? Yeah, that's how it feels.

2. Adulthood is also about coming to terms with the fact that not everything is black and white--and you have beliefs that some people may not understand, but well, they're your beliefs, either way. 

3. Your family is not only limited to those who bore and clothed you; Sometimes, you get to choose your own family, and that's alright, too. 

4. You can get tired of something you love, but you can always try to get back on track in your own little ways. (And no, I am not talking about relationships)

5. People have different ways of showing you that they love you. 

6. And, I still feel happy and giddy every time someone tells me that they appreciate what I do, or how I write.  (Not the work related kind). This one's for you, Ate Anna. :) Thank you for reminding me about what I love doing the most. Back in school, I always thought of you as super like, hard to reach because you're so smart and all that, and we weren't really close back then, but over the years, you have become one of my favorite people because you're amazing, and you're real, and I really like the way you write, too. So deep and profound. 

Happy Sunday, darlings. xx

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