Monday, January 19, 2015

Jenna Black - REVOLUTION: Book Review

Revolution (Replica, #3) 
Jenna Black
 Hello, darlings! So...this year's first book review is all about Jenna Black's REVOLUTION, the third and final installment of the REPLICA series. It follows the story of Nate and Nadia from the time that Nate died, came back to life--or something like it (you have to read the first book to understand), until they found out that a big conspiracy is going on--and they have to try their very best to make things work while they're staying underground so they could get back on the government and survive.

I have to admit that at first, this installment felt like it was going too slow. I really liked REPLICA and RESISTANCE because they were both action-packed from the beginning, and I felt like this one lacked that element at some point. However, once the story progressed, I realized how the magic is still there and how that slow-paced beginning was needed to help readers understand why the characters had to do what they were doing--and how their world evolved from the first story all the way to this one.

I also liked how the characters grew. They're young, but they have matured so much in this story + YEEEES YOU'LL GET THE "kilig" feeeeeeeels with Nate/Kurt, Nadia/Dante and it's just awesome. I like how the love angles were brought in and how it jelled with the action-packed story well.

Was it the perfect resolution to everything? In some ways, yes. REVOLUTION was pretty much realistic, although it's Dystopia, but the great thing is that the author was able to create a world that's believable, and scary at the same time. And for me, that's what made this story amazing.

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