Friday, August 23, 2013

Things to Do.

So. It's a fluish Saturday and I heard a storm's coming up again...Well, hopefully it won't be as bad as last week's..anyway.  Here's what I should be doing ASAP:

1. Get a new pair of Eyeglasses. I'm feel sooo blind na, I need new ones especially after I lost the old ones.
I want Cat's Eye Glasses! Like this:

I really think it's cute! Why not, diba? :)

2. WRITE THOSE STORIES. I know, I know, I've been slacking recently and internet connection here has some probs at times, but I gotta work on those stories or else...hmm...but soon!
3. Write more articles. And don't be discouraged with the revisions. Besides I need the money coz it's the Manila International Book Fair in September and I gotta go and buy, buy, buy. tee-hee :D
4. Visit "Human Nature". They have to-die-for scrubs! addicted to those now.
5. Get more nail polishes. I want all the colors invented!
6. Do more covers. hahaha. 
7. Get Ellie Goulding or Foxes or Rachel Yamagata's voices...on second thought, that's like asking for a miracle.
8. Join more book tours!

Book Tour Scheds here so far:

Aug 30- Interim Goddess of Love Trilogy by Mina Esguerra
Sept 4th - All's Fair in Blog and War by Crissy Peria
Sept 8th - Hello by Addie Lynn Co
Sept 13th - Vintage Love by Agay Llanera

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