Friday, August 2, 2013


Rab is the kind of friend whom I'm blessed to have. He's smart, and witty, and funny and loves Urbandic (hahaha) and you know, sometimes you need friends who are good conversationalists, who you can talk to about whatever. And during some of the terrible times in my life, it's good that  had him to talk to. I may not always listen to advice but I appreciate the fact that he's there--even far away.

Plus, he's a fanboy, too! And one of the most loyal, harworking wizards I know. And he's real Gleek, too. 

Over the years, what I learned is that he's hardworking and you know, he's focused on his goals, and still knows how to have some fun. I think that's important for everyone. It's always good to have that balance.

Now that you're turning 22 (ancient man! haha..nah, that's still young), I wish that you'd have all your dreams come true. That you'd find love or love finds you? That you still don't let go of the child inside you, of being a Potterhead, a Gleek, a Wizard, a bookworm...Keep those in mind. Stay true to you and know that I'm here. 

Also, this is a thank you for being such a gem of a friend! And those times when we (Team Pauso) would just stay up and talk about everything and nothing at all, yung mga stories, lahat na. 

Have a great year, Rab! 

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