Thursday, August 1, 2013

100 Names.

So, recently I read Cecelia Ahern's "100 Names", a book that tells about the story of Kitty, and her mentor, Constance, who when she died, left out a list of "100 Names" for Kitty to talk to, without knowing why. Basically, it talks about how we all have our own stories to tell. That even the most "ordinary" persons are extraordinary...and so with that in mind, I decided to create my own list of 100 names to write about. To share stories of what we went through, memories, times of happiness, of pain, of friendship, of whatever. Of real life friends, friends I met online, family, pets, etc.  Of things I want to tell them, of things that have never been said.

That said, if you're part of this list, then congratulations (or not? haha). And the numbers are just numbers (except for some maybe)--what matters is you're here. I'll try to put up a post or two whenever I can (I'm not promising it's going to be right away, since you know, there are also some other things I gotta do) and again, disregard the numbering, i might choose to right a certain number first so, you never know.

 How then will you know I've written about you? SIMPLE. SUBSCRIBE! haha :D but don't worry, because I'll also send you the links, you know me. But I'd really appreciate it if you'd subscribe :))

Anyway, here are my 100 names:

  1. Gino Carlo Cruz
  2. Edelisa Garcia Cunanan
  3. Clara
  4. Pumpkin
  5. Muning
  6. Missy
  7. Pretty Girl
  8. Four-D
  9. Tulpo (+)
  10. Tolome
  11. Bradley
  12. Gener
  13. Hameg
  14. Degi
  15. Alilie Joy Hernandez
  16. Leoniza Cruz
  17. Cedric Cuacoyes
  18. Rabbi Aujero de Dios
  19. Morgan Louise Brown
  20. Moulee Goswami
  21. Mary Joy Antonio
  22. Kharlene Cornelio 
  23. Alyssa Paola Pocaan
  24. Kenneth Laurence Catapang
  25. Bridget Co
  26. Rania Esperame
  27. Tatiana (adambrodyfan)
  28. Arnee Gleek (dang, Idk your real name haha)
  29. Janella Marie de Guzman
  30. Euni Salvador
  31. Cheryl Mazo
  32. Bash Sarmiento
  33. Carlene Beltran
  34. Anglica Purisima
  35. Nikki Anne Pilaspilas
  36. Eve Nazareno
  37. Edward Jerome Lauguico
  38. Barry Angelo Sim
  39. Kristine Segui
  40. Rexon Chumacera
  41. Jimuel Miraber
  42. Albert Vidal
  43. Sergio Paulo Perez
  44. Eric Isaiah Perez
  45. Rosanna Perez
  46. Eric Perez
  47. Jenny "Levine" (come to think of it, Jen, Idk your surname! haha)
  48. Rira Silver Ademi
  49. Yolo (haha yeah yolo)
  50. Thereza Pegoraro Brown
  51. Althea
  52. Erica Caabay
  53. Dingdong
  54. Marlon Senosin
  55. Clint Clerigo
  56. Marlon Dulay
  57. Juvilyn Tacayon
  58. Uzamee Kay Rivera
  59. Janella Briones
  60. Apple Joy Pico
  61. Encar Grace Lim
  62. Cori Estrella
  63. Maricar de Vera
  64. Maricar "Miaca" de Mesa
  65. Cyril Acacio
  66. Kristine Detoyato
  67. Antonio Benito Sr. (+)
  68. Erwin Ramos (+)
  69. Alvin de los Reyes
  70. Anna Barcelona
  71. Shari "Dreamfaerye"
  72. Elmer john Palle
  73. Noemi Mamangconi
  74. Angelica Saubon
  75. Haszel Costelo
  76. Marrhon Mangalus
  77. Hubert Yao
  78. Varian Catudio
  79. Joy Eleccion
  80. Kaiser Don Chua Castro
  81. Shierly Magadia
  82. Arlene Perez
  83. Red Reyes
  84. Honesto Javier
  85. Mary Ann Bruan
  86. Mitchie 
  87. Kyuting (+)
  88. Snowy (+)
  89. Natalia dos Reis
  90. Anne Margeline Jimenez Hugo
  91. Sheena Loren Javier
  92. Praxedes Niedo Benito (+)
  93. Rosemarie Allaga Benito (+)
  94. Smartbro!
  95. Vizmalau Bonalos
  96. Joanna Marie Atienza
  97. Kathrina Sena
  98. Isobelle Martinez
  99. Kaycee Kay
  100. Jeneliza Recato