Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Because she's turning 18 (time so flies!) and she's one great girl...

I can still remember that Sunday three years ago when Kharlene and I first bonded over Twitter. We talked about Adam Lambert, Casey James, David Cook and how she wanted to see concerts and stuff--and now, three years later, she's seen Adam live. She's a budding photographer. She's a true-blue fangirl and I really admire people who are passionate with something--whatever it is--and she is one of those.

K, I just wanna say that I really appreciate how you value me as a friend, as an ate, how you ask for my help sometimes and how you appreciate me. I'm proud that you're doing what you're doing, that you're trying to achieve your dreams because you deserve to have them all come true someday.

Now that you're turning eighteen (god, I feel ancient trololol), I wish that you'd still keep that child-like self of yours; that you'd stay as sweet and as awesome and as much of a fangirl, dreamer and visionary that you are coz those are the things that make you YOU. I wish a GLAMazing year for you! And, just remember, I'm just here!

See you soon! You know I love you!


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