Thursday, August 1, 2013



"Eristic: You have to ask yourself: Are the two of us defined by when we get along, or when we fight?"

David Levithan

(Well, well, you prompted me to write so...haha :P)

Ah, my number 1. I said disregard the numbers but of course you know you're my number 1 :))

How do I start? Yeah, maybe with that photo right there. Remember that? You made that for me over a year ago, I think. And It was sweet, and cute and fluffy I'm gonna die...hahaha. Seriously, sometimes, it's good to look back, see the early stages of a relationship, see how it all went from there.

You gave me more than a storybook romance. You gave me reality. I've changed so much over the past year, and I guess we both did. And you know, when people change, it could make or break a relationship. I know that when we fight, it's like, world war 3 or even more...and then when we make up, it's like, it's so fluffy again. I guess, it's really because we both have these strong, clashing personalities. We try to outdo each other more often than not.

"The way we can hurt each other like nobody else could." --From this day forward

Yeah, there were so many tears shed, so many mishaps in this relationship that sometimes it feels misshapen, misconstrued, too much too soon.

But hey, when we leave out all the rest, when we just try to concentrate on us, when we don't think about the shit and the challenges and the what-nots, we're good. We're better than good. We're one. We're back to how we were more than a year ago.

Okay, since we almost always don't tell each other what we like about each other, let me.
Here's what I love about you:

1. Sometimes, you get all so mushy and sweet and it's just so cute. Like, those cheesy pick-up lines that just make me ROFL haha and when you surprise me every once in a while. (Especially Last Valentine's! Woot!)
2. You cook for me! (because I can't. hahahaha)
3. When you wash those dishes...
4. And do the laundry :)
5. When you tell me you love me. Because it just never fails. 
6. When you hug me after a big fight.
8. When you sing for me. 
9. When you write poems and stuff for me (I miss this!)
10. Just having simple, fun,  unobstructed moments with just us. Just us.

So there. You know I have so many things to say. And I've written about you over and over! haha. But just know this.


Relationships are a lot like flowers. If you find the right seed, put it in good soil, give it water and sunlight, bam. Perfect bud. And then comes winter and the flower dies. But if you tend that garden, spring will come along and that flower will bloom again."--Finn Hudson

I love you, Babe. Know that. Even if I'm cray-cray, and you are, too (hahaha), and the situation is,  and even if sometimes, it sucks...just remember what brought us together, and what can't tear us apart. And soon enough, the pain will be over. The dread will be gone. It will all be okay.

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