Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Raising Kittens

So, since our cat Clara gave birth a month and a few days back, we've had the pleasure of raising these three beautiful kittens. But well, when you're raising kids, even if they're just pets, you'd have to prepare yourself. Recently, they started eating solids and you know what happens when that goes on...

This week, for like, four consecutive days now, we've been  changing and washing our sheets and pillowcases because they've been soiled! It's such a grueling thing and though you want to get mad at those cats, well, they're just kids so you have to be really, really patient.

After all, those cats bring us joy. And, well, if you're asking me if I wanna have kids soon...hmm...I'd say maybe not yet. These cats are taking over our lives, for now. ;)

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