Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hello #ChewytheDog + Life, Lately (03)



Well, apart from the fact that I am still so exhausted, this week brought on a new surprise: Chewy the Dog!

We were actually supposed to adopt another dog the past week, but someone already adopted him, but I guess life really works in mysterious ways because I think Chewy’s a perfect fit for us. He’s just this little nutter (lol) but he’s really nice. I kind of think he’s adapting some of the kittens’ behavior, too, as he plays with them a lot.

Another interesting fact is that we found out he shares a birthday with my boyfriend. How many other times would you be able to get pets who share the same birthday with you, right?

So, yeah, having him around is really fun.


What I’ve been Reading

Let’s see…this week I finished reading:

  1. Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible. I’m a sucker for fashion-related non-fiction books + can’t wrap my head around fiction right now, for some reason.
  2.  Don’t Forget the Parsley (Marie Claire Lim Moore). Read this for an upcoming blog tour, and I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed Don’t Forget the Soap.
  3. 150 Movies You Should Die Before You See. Because crappy movies deserve a book, too.

Also been re-reading Fairy Tale Fail, my favorite Mina V. Esguerra book!

What I’ve been Listening To

  1. Seafret – Something in the Air
  2. Seafret – Atlantis
  3. James Young – I’ll be Good
  4. Amber Run – I Found
  5. Oh Wonder – Without You
  6. Oh Wonder – All We Do

Plus a lot of the #HSMPlaylist because #HSM10…but where are you, Troy?!


What I’ve Been Watching

Hell’s Kitchen, Masterchef Junior, Younger, Pretty Little Liars (YES I AM ALL ABOARD THE #SPALEB SHIP), Dark Net, KUWTK. Kocktails with Khloe, and for some reason, I’ve been watching a lot of Carpool Karaoke lol and as always, a lot of things I’m forgetting

Oh, also been playing a lot of Neko Atsume so if you wanna talk about that, I’m here

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