Saturday, January 23, 2016

Counting On

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She looked around quickly, to see if anything had been taken. Dark clouds enveloped her; everything was hazy. She was confused.

She looked around and saw everything was being taken away–every part of herself, being shredded. She couldn’t help but wonder why. She couldn’t help but think about what she may have done wrong—or if that even matters at all.

Because the world takes, and takes, without fail. The world gets too much from you—all the way to your core. The world has broken her; stopped her from being here. The world has taken her innocence, replaced it with hurt. It took away her rose-colored lenses, and replaced it with bashed ones: that is what life has done.

She looked around again, and noticed that while life may be dark, the clouds have moved to make way for a blue sky. She ran towards the blue sky. She fell down, got scathed. She fell, but got up. She walked again.

She turned around. The dark clouds were getting farther and farther away. With a heavy heart, and bloodshot eyes, she smiled.

She knew that little by little, the world will be better again.

And though the black clouds may be looming, she knows that her hope and perseverance would pull her through.

That’s what she’s counting on.


A/N: Have been in such a novel-writing rut lately, so I decided to just put out some short writings from prompts. This will just be one of many.

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