Friday, February 27, 2015

#HTGAWMTheories and Thoughts

Because I still cannot get over last night's finale (my mind is still screaming "WHHHYYYYYYY"), allow me to share some of my HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER theories with you.

1. Bonnie and Annalise's complicated relationship. Remember when Bonnie told Asher that she had a complicated relationship with Annalise? Well, of course, we all know by now that it's because of Sam, and Bonnie's "relationship" with him, but I think there's another reason why. I feel like, maybe, just maybe, Bonnie may be Annalise's adopted daughter, or maybe she sponsored Bonnie's education or so. Because, why would Bonnie be scared to tell Annalise about her and Asher when they're all adults, anyway, if she hasn't got anything on her?

2. FRANK. Oh my goodness, up until this moment I am still trying to comprehend how on earth things turned out that way. For a fraction of a second, I felt like it actually could turn out that way but then I brushed it off and now waaaaah. I mean, why? What could Sam have on him? Somehow, I feel like it has something to do with Frank being part of the mob or something. Remember when Asher asked him that, but he said no? What if, it's actually true? What if, the reason why Sam relied on him in killing Lila is because he knows that Frank can actually do it without any remorse whatsoever?

3.Eggs 911. What or who is Eggs 911? I feel like eggs has something to do with drugs but then...why would Rebecca still bring that up at that point? Or, maybe, what I read is right that it's an autocorrect fail lol but I don't know...she seemed to be asking for help and I have seriously no idea who she texted. Nate? Remember when he gave her his contact details before? But, he's still under police custody so that would be crazy,

4. Rebecca. I know a lot of people hate her. The character's cray and all, and I swear I wanted to whack her with a hammer last night because she was such a troll lol but damn, I was really sad when she died (mostly because I love Katie Findlay and I'm part of the minority who likes the character especially after what Wes said about people doing stupid things because they're scared of getting hurt). And, really, there still are a lot of things we need to know. Rebecca will be back, I just know it. (in flashbacks of course, unless this is a show where no one really dies lol but it's not)

5. Wes. Ayyy, my poor Wes. That scene between him and Annalise was so powerful, it'll really make you think why on earth Annalise cares for him so much. There has got to be something there. Also, I think that this situation would break him, or that he'd react to it in such a way that he'd be a different kind of Wes in Season 2. Probably tougher, probably someone who's hard to crack, I think that would be good for his character.

6. Keating Five and Annalise. And finally, I now feel like maybe, the Keating 5 were really brought together by Annalise. There is a reason why they're all there. And we'll know--sooner or later.

Now, the dreadful and lengthy wait for fall begins. T.T

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