Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Impossibly Love by Shane Morgan -- Book Review

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Impossibly Love by Shane Morgan
So. Here's what I think: I really enjoyed this book. It's fresh, well-written and has all the elements of a good, romantic, sexy story.

It's the tale of Branden--the guy who screams "bad boy", and Moya, the girl who does not believe in love. Their paths cross and soon, they find out that they really couldn't get out of each other's ways and the only thing they have to do is accept the fact that people can fall for each other and that sometimes, you really just couldn't fight fate.

What I like about this book is the fact that the characters are easy to relate to and that the descriptions and characterizations used are soooo cute! loved it. These days, life gets too tough that sometimes we need a book that will make us forget about everything even for a little while and this book simply does that. Written in a light-hearted, womanly approach, this book is something that's so worthwhile you really would have a hard time putting it down.  Plus, if you really enjoyed the book then you'll be glad to know that there's another installment coming up sometime in January for you to know what happens next to Branden and Moya.

Another thing. I love the fact that none of this felt put-on or over-bearing. Every thing in the story seemed to jive with each other and that's what made it beautiful and so natural. I hate books that seem too put-on but this one is not like that at all. 

It's an easy, light read that you'd surely enjoy.


Shane Morgan is a lover of "interesting" books. Her imagination is always running wild so it's best to collect and organize them into separate stories.

Shane's love for writing started the moment she picked up a Nancy Drew book. At a young age, she began writing short stories, delving into a variety of genres: from comedy and drama, to horror and contemporary romance. Shane's quite intrigued by the otherworldly or things otherwise deemed "impossible." Well, in her opinion, people never really grow up, do they?

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