Sunday, November 24, 2013

Don't Forget the Soap--Author Interview + Giveaway

I had the chance to ask Marie Claire Lim Moore, the author of Don't Forget the Soap some questions. Check it out.

1) What’s your inspiration for Don’t Forget the Soap
My parents and my children. I’ve always thought about writing a book but I was only inspired to actually do it once I had my kids and started thinking about what kind of people I hope they will grow up to be. It made me reflect on my own past, my own childhood and everything I learned from my parents.

2) How’s your relationship with your mother?
Close would be an understatement. My son, Carlos, saw an old picture the other day and said, “Is that you and Lola?” After I nodded he smiled and said, “I think she’s your best friend.” And it’s true. As adults we can disagree and get a impatient with one another at times but those instances are few and far between. I say “as adults” because as a child I could never disagree and get impatient with my mother

3) The best thing about being a Filipina is________?
Being surrounded by good company. There are so many impressive Filipina women out there to admire. People often say the Philippines is a nation of strong women who directly or indirectly run the family unit, businesses and government. At the same time, Filipina women are often described as beautiful and feminine. I love that all these qualities are associated with being a Filipina.

4) Message to your readers: 
Don’t take anything for granted. Not all the experiences you’re blessed with. Not your ability to make a difference in a small way. Not each person who helped you along the way. These are the underlying themes in the book and this is the message I would like to leave with readers.


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