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Title: THE POLARIS UPRISING (Polaris, Book 1)
YA Dystopia
 Jennifer Ibarra 
Length: 120K words


No citizen shall be left behind.

Life in Neress is simple. For nearly four decades, people have known exactly what’s expected of them. Obey the rules, follow the path that’s been laid out, and everything will be provided for: food, shelter, education, safety. No need goes unmet.

But the cost is steep: you lose all rights to make your own choices in life.

In seven years, eighteen-year-old Ryla Jensen will come of age and take over for her father as president of this idyllic nation. Groomed since childhood to take on a role she’s not even sure she wants, Ryla’s only escape from the pressures of duty is her sister, Alanna. But when her eyes are finally opened to the oppressive regime her father built, she begins to question everything she’s set to inherit—and finds herself at odds with her sister’s blind allegiance to their father.

Torn between loyalty to her family and the fight for freedom, Ryla must decide just how far she’s willing to go to make a stand and risk losing the person she loves most in the world: Alanna.


"Water had gathered on the ground, picking up the drippings of melted snow that had trickled through the tunnel entrances. There were puddles everywhere, all along the winding underground paths. Ryla had started off trying to avoid them, but she gave up after a while, letting the water splatter all over her boots—and sometimes even jumping into it with both feet to get a smile out of Tyson.
She got a few eye rolls at first. But soon enough, he broke down and grinned, and when she offered her hand, he took it, hopping straight into a particularly large puddle that splashed water all over her front.
“Oh sorry, I should have been more careful, Your Excellency…”
She kicked at the water, returning the favor.
“Stop calling me Your Excellency.”
He laughed and put his hands up in mock surrender. “All right, all right. Just trying to get under your skin a little. Old habits die hard.”
She smiled. “You get under my skin just fine.”
Flustered, he broke the eye contact, but she saw his cheeks redden, and she knew she’d gotten to him with the remark.
“Come on,” he said. “This way’ll be faster. It cuts across the city center.”
He led her forward into another tunnel that branched off somewhere from the main artery. They all looked the same to her, no matter what direction they were headed. She wondered how he’d ever managed to learn his way down here. 
“You know, under normal circumstances, this might qualify as a date,” she said, looking up at him.
Silence stretched. His cheeks darkened even more.
“There isn’t a lot of dating that goes on around here,” he said. “Not with a revolution to plan. And besides, what’s the point, when we’re all going to end up in loveless genetic matches anyway?”
“They don’t have to be loveless.”

Jennifer Ibarra grew up on a steady diet of books, Star Wars, and other fantastic feats of the imagination. Her debut novel, The Polaris Uprising, is the first book in a trilogy and mixes dystopia with family drama, romance, and political intrigue.
She lives in Silicon Valley, where she does marketing for a tech company and spends her time running, cooking, baking, and keeping up with celebrity gossip.
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A note from the Author:

Cancer has touched all of us in one way or another. Those who have read THE POLARIS UPRISING will know that I dedicated it to my dear friend, Brittanie, whom we lost to Stage IV ovarian cancer in 2010. She was only 26 years old. In her memory, I am pledging to donate $1 out of every sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society from now until October 6--the day she was diagnosed with the disease that took her life. Every donation up to $2,000 will be matched by my employer, so your generosity will be doubled! Thank you in advance for helping me in this special cause.


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