Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Jenna Black- RESISTANCE - Review

Resistance (Replica, #2) 
Jenna Black
Resistance is the second installment in acclaimed author Jenna Black’s YA SF romance series.

Nate Hayes is a Replica.

The real Nate was viciously murdered, but thanks to Paxco’s groundbreaking human replication technology, a duplicate was created that holds all of the personality and the memories of the original. Or...almost all. Nate’s backup didn't extend to the days preceding his murder, leaving him searching for answers about who would kill him, and why. Now, after weeks spent attempting to solve his own murder with the help of his best friend and betrothed, Nadia Lake, Nate has found the answers he was seeking...and he doesn’t like what he’s discovered.

The original Nate was killed because he knew a secret that could change everything. Thanks to Nadia’s quick thinking, the two of them hold the cards now—or think they do.

Unfortunately, neither of them fully understands just how deep the conspiracy runs

The second installment to the REPLICA series by Jenna Black (which was one of the best things I've read last year), RESISTANCE is the story of how the new Nate Hayes and her best friend, Nadia, try to form their own resistance against the chairman (aka Nate's Dad) and the government of New York in this Dystopian Suspense novel.

Black is a master at storytelling. She knows how to create her own world and make the reader believe that it exists. What I really like about this installment in the series is the fact that Nadia is stronger--she didn't let the transgressions and challenges of the past maim her and ruin her belief that she can fight for her rights--and so does Nate. I also like Daniel--like, a lot, for Nadia because he's AWESOME. 

And then there's Kurt, Nate's old time love. His story is one worth telling because even though it's dark, it makes you understand the resistance even more. It makes you understand what they're fighting for. It was one of the best parts of the book, in my opinion.

And of course, there's that BIG REVEAL about who Thea really is. It's creepy but otherwise, very smart of the author to come up with. As the second installment of the series, this builds up the emotion and excitement for the next one, and has the right amount of mystery and answers that makes it all the more perfect.

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