Friday, March 14, 2014

Sara Shepard - The Heiresses -- Review + Dreamcast

The Heiresses (Heiresses, #1) 

***Thanks to Edelweiss for the Net Galley copy***

The series follows one of the most prestigious and wealthy families on the Upper East Side who have built their entire fortune on the business of diamonds.

Due to a clause the grandfather placed in his will, only his granddaughters are set to inherit his massive fortune…these are the heiresses. After the death of their cousin, the remaining heiresses try to figure out if the family curse is real or not, and if not, who killed their cousin, and more importantly, which one of them is next on the hit list?
Sara Shepard is back with a brand new series that will surely entice you.

When I first heard about this book, I seriously said, "Omg, I NEED a copy". Not even "Want", it's definitely a need.

I'll admit that I'm one of those people who still reads the Pretty Little Liars Series because they're just too entertaining and mysterious and even if they have gotten so long, well, I still wait for the next book like a madwoman.

Anyway, The Heiresses is quite different from Pretty Little Liars in such a way that it deals with a more mature cast of characters and a more mature setting. See, it's set in New York City, and is the story of Rowan, Poppy, Corinne, Natasha and Aster Saybrook--the hottest, and most controversial set of cousins in the Big Apple. 

And, in typical Sara Shepard style, there are lies and craziness that go around in this place. You'll find yourself wondering who said what, who hurt who, and gasp--who killed who. But what's good about this is that you'd notice how Shepard's writing style has matured in some ways; this is pretty much more believable than PLL or The Lying Game combined, and I think that's why it will make you more excited for the next book.

With twists and turns that only Shepard can make, The Heiresses is a book that's certainly hard to put down. Be sure to get your copy once it's available.

Oh, and because I'm crazy for this book, I made a dream cast, too! *wink*

Dianna Agron as Rowan
Hayden Panatierre as Aster
Naya Rivera as Natasha
Rachel Mcadams as Poppy
Emily Blunt as Corinne

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