Monday, February 8, 2016

Glorious Blossoms: Experiencing the Cherry Blossom Festival in Fukuoka with Cebu Pacific!

Magical. Enchanting. Truly a sight to behold. Those are just some of the words that you yourself would utter upon seeing the wondrous Sakura—also known as Cherry Blossoms—in Fukuoka, Japan!

A historic and colorful land

Starting the New Year means that you have lots of chances to do what you want—and what better way to start than with traveling? This January, start updating your travel plan list and add Fukuoka—one of the most beautiful places you could ever set foot in!

Known as a former castle town that came about because of the fusion of Daibu-Gu and Hazokazi-Go, Fukuoka is considered as an important part of the birth of Japan. Fukuoka also serves as the port of Hakata, making it an important Japanese harbor city. It is also the sixth largest city in Japan, but more than anything, Fukuoka is known to be the home of the famous Cherry Blossom Festival!

Fukuoka Cherry Blossoms.jpg

Magical and Unforgettable! See the beautiful Fukuoka Cherry Blossoms with your very eyes!

Different Sights, Magical Blooms

What’s great about the Fukuoka Cherry Blossom Festival is that you wouldn’t feel like there’s only one kind of thing to see. In fact, there are various spots in Fukuoka where you could see those cherry blossoms in all their glory!

First is Maizuru Park, also known as Fukuoka Castle where about a thousand cherry trees are waiting for you! There’s also an observation platform where you could check out the blooms. A spacious park is also provided in case you want to take part in Hanami (flower viewing) parties.

Then, there’s the beautiful Nishi Park that offers over a hundred cherry blossom spots near the Terumo Shrine—a shrine dedicated to some of the Feudal Lords of Japan. Hillside viewing is easy in this area!

With fresh sea breeze, seeing the cherry blossoms at the Uminonakamichi Seaside Park would truly be an experience like no other! You can event rent bicycles so you could traverse around the cherry-filled peninsula!

And lastly, you could walk to Atago Shrine, near the Meinohoma Station, where you’d not only see the cherry trees that light up in the evening, you’d also be in awe of the picturesque Hakata Bay just beyond the hillside.

Cebu Pacific

Since December 17, 2015, direct flights from Manila to Fukuoka have been made available by Cebu Pacific!

Easy, Breezy Travel Experience

Now, going to Fukuoka is easier than ever! With the help of Cebu Pacific’s direct flights to Fukuoka, you can bask in the glory of the Cherry Blossom Festival and have the grandest time of your life!

Surely, it would be an experience like no other!

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