Thursday, September 10, 2015

What I’ve Been Doing + What I’m Looking Forward To (aka #Strangelit, #MIBF2015, and more!)


Hello, darlings!!!

So, I haven’t blogged anything in a while (I know, I suck lol) but September’s finally here and it’s looking good so far! I know there’s been a lack of book reviews (forgive me, I’ll post more soon) but I have been reading, and I did enjoy a lot of books, and I promise to squeeze in some reviews again soon.

So, what have I been up to?

Well, there’s work, of course. And after finishing #SparkNA last June, I also joined #StrangeLit, finished my Witchy novella (which has been spending around 5 years in my files already, and which I continued when I saw the opportunity, and which you’ll soon see on Buqo yay!) You can check out the cover HERE and visit its own website HERE.

Aside from that, I am so looking forward to #MIBF2015! So excited because there are so many good releases this year, some Indie Published years ago (and which I’ve read and loved) and are now making their way to the mainstream. Some sequels. Just loads and loads of books.

Some of those I’m excited to see (and buy) are:

Cover (Story) Girl – Chris Mariano

Vintage Love – Agay Llanera

Save the Cake – Stella Torres

Janus Silang 2 – Edgar Calabia Samar

The Kitchen When it Sizzles – Chrissie Peria

Tame the Kitten – Bianca Mori

and so much more (I am ulyanin, sorry)

Also, Buqo’s cooking something up for the MIBF so do watch out for that. Will keep you posted.

Other things I’m looking forward to:

HTGAWM Season 2 – Sept 24

OUAT Season 5 – Sept 27

Blood and Oil – Sept 27 (only because Chace and India)

Wicked City – Oct 27 (ED WESTWICK DUH)

Carry On (Rainbow Rowell) – Oct 2

Career of Evil (Robert Galbraith) – Oct 22

Harry Potter Illustrated Edition

Demi’s new album

Selena’s new album

My birthday? yes, still. but old. oldish. eek.

Happy Ber months, everyone! More posts soon :)

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