Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Miao Cat Cafe Experience

Hello, darlings!

I feel like it's been forever since I last posted here but anyway, I just wanted to share our Miao Cat Cafe Experience!

So, we heard about this cat cafe a month or so ago, and being the Airulophiles that me and my guy are, we decided to check out the place. Take note that seating space in the cafe is limited, so it's bets to make a reservation first. Details will be posted below.

really pretty illustrations on the wall!

Anyway, upon arriving at the cafe, we were asked to sign a waiver and sanitize before dealing with the cats. You'd also be asked to read some rules as to how to deal with the cats in the cafe, which is good so the cats won't get freaked out.

Well, if you've been following me for a while now, you'd know that being around cats during meal times is nothing new to me, but it was still great to be around really cute cats, such as the ones you'll see in this post. What I also liked about the cafe is the fact that they do not only house cats with foreign breeds (they have Scottish Folds, Maine Coons, and British Shorthairs, amongst others), they also have Puspins, such as Kahel, a rescue cat. I always want people to be acquainted with Puspins so they'd understand that Puspins are lovable, too!
some of the cats
That's Kahel, one of the Puspins! He's super cute!

You also need to have some patience because some of the cats are usually asleep during daytime, but once they wake up, time will fly by so quickly because you'd enjoy seeing them play around! And of course, you can go ahead and pet them, too. You can't carry the cats, though, because it may disgruntle them, but you can always play with them--the cat toys around the place prove to be helpful, too!

The boyfriend playing with some of the cats! :D (check out my IG for another video)

The place is lovely. It has this homey vibe, and I like the aesthetics because it's super cat-friendly! The cats really have a lot of furniture to jump on, or climb on--which could definitely make them happy.

And of course, you'd also get to eat at the cafe! Door Fee is 300, inclusive of food and drinks. In case you get hungry during your stay, you can still order more, too. We had Pasta in Pesto Sauce, Blueberry Muffins, Blueberry Cupcakes (we do love our blueberries lol), and Choco Lava Cupcake, and Pink Lemonade. Their cakes are certainly to-die-for!

And, you can also go ahead and buy cute stuff from the store! They have cat toys, shirts designed with cats, pens, papers, notebooks, notepads, eye masks, wallets, cat headbands, and a whole lot more! I'm telling you, I had to restrain myself from buying more than I already did because those items are just sooooo lovely!
Cats Everywhere!!!!

So, yeah, that's it. If you are one big cat lover, check this place out--and maybe bring the other people in your life, too. This way, you can open up their minds to see how amazing cats could be!

That was fun!


MIAO CAT CAFE is located at #7 Congressional Avenue, Quezon City. Once you see KFC Congressional, walk a bit and then on the opposite side of the street, you'd see Midcon Apartelle and Cake2Go. Walk towards Cake2Go and you'll see stairs on the side. Use those stairs and you'd see Miao Cat Cafe!

For reservations, contact MIAO CAT CAFE on Facebook. Door Fee is P300/2 hours, inclusive of food and drink.


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